Level Up in dverso: Exploring the New Community Experience System

Level Up in dverso: Exploring the New Community Experience System

Apr 26, 2024

Hello, adventurers! We’re super excited to bring you some thrilling updates to our web-based metaverse, dverso. Get ready to engage, explore, and elevate your experience like never before with our latest feature rollout: Levels and Experience!

What’s New in dverso?Community Experience System
Every interaction in dverso now counts more than ever. From sending messages to reacting, changing your avatar, racing, or adding and inviting friends—every action you take boosts your experience points. It’s our way of making sure that all the time and energy you invest in dverso translates into tangible rewards. Levels and LeaderboardsAs you accumulate experience, watch your level rise! To add a competitive twist, each world in dverso now features a leaderboard that showcases our most active and engaged members. It’s not just about being on top; it’s about celebrating your progress and activity within the community.

Updated Explore Page
We've also revamped our Explore page. Now, the positioning of worlds on this page reflects the community level, calculated based on the total experience divided by 10. This new system ensures that the most vibrant and active worlds gain visibility, encouraging more exploration and interaction.

Join Our Open Beta
The best part? You can start enjoying this new system right away by joining our open beta. dverso is accessible on any browser, making it super easy to jump in and start building your own community map. Whether you’re a seasoned builder or new to the metaverse, there’s something for everyone in dverso. 

See You in the Metaverse!

We can’t wait to see how these new features enhance your adventures in dverso. The metaverse is not just a space to create—it’s a place to grow, connect, and now, level up. So dive in, start exploring, and let your journey to the top of the leaderboards begin! Visit us at dverso.io and be part of shaping this exciting virtual world. Let's build this metaverse together!