dverso VTuber Update

dverso VTuber Update

Jan 29, 2024

Hello, community of dverso! We're excited to share our latest update with you. Say hello to the dverso VTuber update - a leap forward in virtual streaming!

Facial Tracking: Bringing Your Avatar to Life

Our update introduces facial tracking capabilities for both DROIDs and VRMs. This means your avatars can now mimic your facial expressions in real-time, making your interactions and presentations in the virtual world more expressive and lifelike than ever.

dverso: as a VTuber Software

What makes dverso stand out as a VTuber software? First and foremost, it's web-based – accessibility is just a browser away. No complex setups or hefty downloads. Plus, our support for VRMs make dverso an inclusive platform for everyone interested in VTubing.

Create Your Own Virtual Streaming World

The beauty of dverso lies in its flexibility and creativity. You can now craft your own virtual streaming world. Picture this: a green screen behind you, the perfect camera angle capturing your avatar, and your friends joining in for a multiplayer streaming experience. It's a space where your creativity can run wild, and your virtual presence can shine.

Looking to the Future: Potential Twitch API Integration

We're always listening, and we might integrate Twitch APIs in the future. This could open up even more possibilities for streamers and content creators, making dverso a hub for innovative and interactive virtual streaming.

Join Us and Experience It Yourself

The VTuber update is a new way for you to express, connect, and entertain in the virtual world. So, come and join us, test it out, and tell us what you think. You can find all these exciting new features now available at dverso.io.